For pretty actress, Etinosa Idemudia, the only thing that can make her cry is betrayal.

In a telephone chat with Inside Nollywood, the thespian also revealed how she hates people walking out of her life when least expected. Hear her: “The only thing that can make me cry is betrayal. I also don’t like it when people walk out of my life, when I least expect it.”

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Idemudia, however, asserted that women are not being fairly treated in the entertainment industry. “In the entertainment industry, it’s so sad that women are judged by their sexuality and not by what they have to offer. They call her sexy and that’s it. I don’t want to be called sexy, or to become sexy. I want to be called intelligent. I want to be addressed as that intelligent actress and not that sexy actress.

“To me, every woman is beautiful. I think the fact that we are alive and breathing, we are all beautiful. Sexy sounds more sexualized. Everyone deserves equal opportunities to define and redefine themselves,” she said.