Online gambling is getting more popular every year, and the global market is anticipated to reach more than 92.9 billion USD by 2023. The market is constantly evolving, and new trends will help renew the experience. From table games to jackpot slots, there’s already a lot happening, but nothing stays the same forever.


So, why is the online gambling market growing so rapidly? Let’s explore the reasons online gambling is becoming unavoidable.

Legal Openings

Online gambling is getting legalised around the globe. For instance, Germany issued a treaty to allow legal online gambling, which goes to show the evolution of mentalities in a country where it was completely outlawed not so long ago. Some provinces of Canada also started to regulate online gambling instead of limiting the activity to offshore establishments. 


As online gambling becomes more widely accepted, governments around the world are starting to consider it for the economic prospects it offers. This evolution also means that online casinos become more regulated and will have to offer more quality content for their customers.


Transitioning to the Digital Market

The growth of online gambling can also be explained by the closure of many land-based establishments. Several big casino brands accelerated their transition toward the digital market following the events of the past couple of years. Why? The answer is simple, players also turned towards online casinos, and fewer people go to land-based casinos; even historical landmarks like Las Vegas registered lower visits than usual. 


Online gambling can offer the same services to players everywhere without having to spend money on hotels and restaurants and allows them to play on the go. For these land-based casinos, it’s an additional source of revenue and allows them to federate their customers with loyalty programs that can be used online and at land-based resorts.

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The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Due to the technological improvements, we’ve experienced in recent years with smartphones and web programming. Online casino sites are optimised for mobile devices and can offer almost instant gaming on all devices, whether you’re using iOS or Android.


Allowing people to play on their smartphones granted the industry more visibility to mainstream audiences and has proven extremely popular in developing countries. In these countries, only a small part of the population has access to computers, and the majority choose to invest in a smartphone to connect to the internet.


Gaming providers quickly adapted to this trend, and most games are developed with mobile gaming in mind, especially online slots. Some online casinos even offer mobile-exclusive incentives to attract these mobile players.


New Ways to Gamble

One of the latest innovations in gambling is the introduction of cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain technology directly in the games. Many cryptos are now accepted at online casinos, and some games use the Provably Fair system. This system uses the blockchain for the RNG (Random Number Generator) of the games, and players can check the randomness of the results by themselves.


This improvement of fairness gives more confidence to players and helps serious online operators to build a reputation. Moreover, the community is more connected than ever, with sites like AskGamblers allowing users to share their thoughts on a specific casino. This helps the market become more healthy and get rid of scam sites.