By Rita Okoye


Generally, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a standstill for people around the globe, however, for young musical artist Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel, that has not held true. Looking back on his origins, Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel started by focusing on his tech career.


To truly understand who Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel is, we must first look at his origins and the parts of life that created the future face of music. Oluwaseyi was born in the state of Ogun in Nigeria. Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel started taking his tech life very seriously when he was young.


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From here, Oluwaseyi started uploading his original written tunes onto YouTube, blogging about what was taking place in his life as well as the experiences he was having as a young teen. He describes how at a teen age, he felt like he had a lot of material, like any person that age would.


As life began to pick up and things began looking up, COVID-19 hit, and Oluwaseyi was pushed into seclusion. Without any doubt, Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel maintained his hard work as well as released his outbreak single, “Dear God.” The song was a hit, pushing Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel right into the state limelight during a time period when the world of home entertainment appeared to be on hold.


Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel laid the groundwork for something revolutionary. As opposed to enabling the pandemic to reduce him down, Oluwaseyi has only been enhancing his notoriety.


It appears like Oluwaseyi is here to remain as he continues to grow larger with each release. Oluwaseyi has actually teased fans various times with hints to an album, as well as numerous are eager to listen to the following huge thing from him. See to it you buckle up as well as band in for Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel trip as he ends up being the next breakout celebrity from up Africa.