Oil pumping has resumed from various oil fields of Tunisian Sahara, in the southern region of Tataouine, after an interruption of more than four months due to a blockade by young people in the area demanding the implementation of an agreement they signed with the government on the creation of jobs for the jobless in the region.

The youth had blocked oil production sites in the region since July 17 to also demand the creation of development projects in the region where more than 30% of young people are unemployed, the highest unemployment rate in the country.

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Tunisian Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi indicated on October 18 that the blockade of oil production in the region had led to losses for the State estimated at 800 million Tunisian dinars.

Several foreign oil companies are operating in the Tunisian Sahara where the Nouara field is in operation and should help to reduce the country’s energy deficit by 20%. (PANA/NAN)