Offerservice, online e-commerce platform, has been launched in the country to provide opportunities for corporations, businessmen, artisans and professionals to showcase and promote their products and services without any charge.
The platform allows prospective clients to register their brands, upload relevant images, including opportunities for potential buyers to make payment online in the specified currency.
Managing director, Offerservice, Mr. Tony Uzoma, while addressing pressman at the launch of the platform said already about 5,000 businesses have been registered on the platform through the efforts of staff who collect data on a daily basis and hopes to get to 5 million businesses on same platform by the end of the first quarter.
“Offerservice is a United States and Nigerian registered online catalogue/ecommerce/events/job search & social media organization with a geolocation attribute that helps to connect users to their target market/audience at state, federal or global level.
“Registered users can showcase their services, list their merchandize, and personalize their page free of charge”, he said, adding that Offerservice has been in operation since September 2020 but that the wealth of experience of its management team within the IT sphere spans well over three decades.
He said that in months to come, Offerservice anticipates covering the geopolitical regions in Nigeria to beam light on the underprivileged and professionals who are desirous to create awareness for their business.
On the benefits of the platform, he said, “It creates a symbiotic community market for individuals who are keen to render service and for those who require immediate service without hassles.”



Continuing, he explained that with this platform in full use, it will naturally reduce the level of traffic on the roads of Nigeria and other countries in the world. Adding that, this platform cuts out the middleman approach that tries to rip people off. It also helps to project registered users to potential buyers in their state, federal or across the globe amongst others.

He explained that the organisation does not derive commissions from any transaction that takes place on our platform by any registered user and does not intend to do so in the nearest future.

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“We will persistently advertise their businesses on all the media outlets so they don’t have to worry how people will reach them. They will be seen and patronized within the online community that we are fast creating. They could report any uncouth attitude that tries to jeopardize their transactions through any of our contact quarters and if the business or individual is found culpable, we reserve the rights to delist them”, he assured.

He explained that while Offerservice is creating a user-friendly online community where all the various actors can easily leverage its rich and unique capabilities, it nevertheless remains a privacy centric platform that takes user’s privacy very seriously. “We do not divulge user’s information willingly. User’s personal information (contact info) is made public at users’ discretion”, he assured.

Hosted in the United States, he said its software development, product and marketing team are dispersed across the globe and that registered user’s page can be followed by users, viewed by users, liked by users and they can also send out newsletters notifying their followers of a new service, recent or future events and new arrivals of products they are willing to sell.

“ To show our platform is user friendly, we churned out a few videos to help anyone walk through the process of registration, how to edit their profile, how to upload images and a host of others. We will be introducing new features in phases to consolidate on what we already have so they can enhance usability and make our platform more interactive for all our users. We also humbly expect feed backs from all and sundry so we can create a better platform that will be effective and efficient for all users across the globe”, he said, adding that the need to give back to the society is embedded in the business model.