Prominent Nigerian wrestler, Blessing Oborodudu, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the federation, teammates, and fellow Nigerians following her gold medal victory at the African Games.

The two-time Commonwealth champion and Olympic silver medalist, still reveling in the joy of her achievement, highlighted that the focus would now shift to the Olympic qualifiers after her successful performance at the African Games.

 “Coming to this All African Games to be able to maintain my position, and I plan that I’m not going to give away any points to anybody, but it happened.

“I give God all the glory and thanks to my Federation President, Daniel Igali, for his endless support and my coaches, and teammates that pushed me to this.

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 “I think my next competition is the African Championship and Olympic qualifiers.

“I feel so happy, and I can say it’s God. It’s not being easy for you to win straight; it is not easy, and I think it’s coming from consistency, perseverance, and dedication.”

Oborodudu’s words embody the significance of her victory and the relentless dedication required to achieve success in the world of wrestling.

Her acknowledgment of the support from her federation, teammates, and God underscores the collaborative effort behind her remarkable achievement at the African Games.