By Norbert Chiazor

A sad mayhem unforeseen.The conflict of two communities in Delta- Okuama and Okoloba deepened by wanton deaths.The casualties: Soldiers and civilians.

The loss of loved ones looming as unimaginable tragedy.An inconsolable trauma.

While the deadly clashes threatened the social fabric of Delta, the stance of the chief security officer remained remarkably stoic.

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has been leading from the front,armed with the firmness of resolve to dense tension.

The interventions of a sensible Sheriff so far are the best of plausible strategies in taming the savagery of internecine warfare.

First,he took a prompt tour of scene of carnage,while the fire was still smouldering and got in-depth assessment of the violence.Meeting the community representatives, security forces and the bereaved face to face,the presence of the governor elicited hope and revival as he appealed for order,spreading soothing balm in the consciousness of the people.

Oborevwori then took another gutsy stride,to meet Nigeria’s commander -in-chief of the Armed Forces,President Bola Tinubu over Delta attack.

Governor and president saw behind closed doors.Security briefings are guided,classified by nature.A sensitive calamity of deaths involving 17 soldiers and some civilians is not a matter for the cameras.

Nonetheless,a confident Oborevwori certain about prospects of tranquility,told inquisitive State House correspondents,eager for news in Abuja,that Delta is in safe hands.

“There will be no further attacks on the villages” The Delta governor said, in a definitive punchline,reassuring the world.

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Oborevwori’s sound bite echoes enthusiasm,a great relief in a matter that had stood prolonged.

For emphasis, Okuama/Okoloba communal strife predates the Oborevwori administration,which came into existence May 29,2023.

It has been an age-old feud,spanning decades between both neighbouring settlements.

While condemning the violence and proclaiming cessation of hostilities ,the governor warned:

“those who are culpable will be brought to book; the innocent citizens will not suffer.”

His pacification to the hurt and vulnerable speaks of peace and empathy.

The stakeholders of both communities as well as security forces must imbibe a collective conscience to give peace a chance.

As Oborevwori aptly noted, the issue at hand is security related and needs to be handled with serious caution and properly managed by all parties to bring things totally under control.

Delta has been a peace haven ,since the Oborevwori adminstration.

With the strategic taming of the recent crisis towards enhanced peace and security, calm and restoration, it is obvious that the man in charge of Delta is a brave heart not a coward.

Troubled times are inevitable as a universal human challenge,but there is no apocalypse in Delta.

Chiazor is Executive Assistant to Delta Governor on Media.