Canada-based Cyril Obasi is the father of the Nigerian bundle of talent. The passionate football-loving Obasi senior told SportingSun that he has no regret allowing his son to play for fatherland.

“I am based in Toronto, Canada. I love sports and have been following Nigerian football. I encouraged my son to play football from the age of four. He has been playing active football in Toronto and has played tournaments in United States and Spain.

“He has received call-ups from Canada and Panama. However, due to my love for Nigeria, I convinced him to play for the Golden Eaglets. In Canada, Nigeria is remembered as one of the best footballing nations, so we decided to be a positive influence of football in Nigeria,” he said.

On the measures for his son to adapt to the physicality of African football, he said: “Many people underestimate football in North America.

It is getting physical even in places like Spain and everywhere. Don’t also forget that many of the players in Canada are of African descent and physical too. During the trial, he was just like any other boy born in Africa.

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“In terms of nutrition, my family eats what Nigerians eat here. In fact, Okazi soup is his favourite. He is an African. The way we groomed him, he is so grounded in our Nigerian culture. Since we came into Nigeria, we have gone for nothing more than egusi and jollof rice,” he noted.

Asked the prospect of his son breaking into Golden Eaglets squad, he replied: “Yes, he has opportunity to showcase himself but due to the nature of the trials, he has not been able to show his skills to the extent he would have liked, for Nigerians to see.”

The coach is trying to accommodate everybody. He is doing his best but there are lots of people coming for trial resulting in trying to apportion playing time.

“I have no doubt that he will add value to the team. I have watched the Golden Eaglets play and I think my son will be a great addition to the team especially in scoring goals. For four years, he was the highest goal scorer in the two teams he has played for. If he is given the opportunity, I believe it will be goals, goals and goals. He has the skills to solve any goal-scoring issue in the team,” he quipped.