Nwogu Vitus Ugochinyere is an undergraduate of Lagos State University, LASU. An Indigene of Imo State in Nigeria, he is a poet who believes words are expensive. He likes writing, basketball ball and good music.

Let me die in my dream

Nothing works for me in my ordinary,

But so much fulfillment in my extraordinary

So much heartbreak in what I see, but so much joy in where I will be

Just can’t wait to pull out this dream into reality,

For my present reality is so ugly to be

How long will it take to bring, how much long am I going to believe

In a dream no one can see, but just meant for me?

Who am I going to share a dream that is so hard to believe?

So, I am left in a world of my own, longing for someone to hold

But I refuse to live a life that is not my own,

So, let me die in what I uphold, through my pains

It so disheartening such in a place,

With a great dream waiting to be unveiled

But my instincts keep telling me to believe in my dream and live in it

But how long will I fight, a life that is trying to put me beneath?

It’s like am about to lose all my strength,

But just a gaze into my dream, I find so much strength

I am left with no choice to fight this dream out,

This is battle that is meant for me, so let me die in what I believe

Life is all about fulfillment, so I choose to close my eyes in death

In my dream of my own fulfillment

But sometimes I look insane, can my dream be real?

Why should I believe in what nobody can see?

Should I retrace my step to check what is wrong inside me?

But I see myself do no best, expect in what is unseen

Let me look insane to them, I chose my insanity,

Let me live in my insanity of my reality

Like it’s always been said, you live your own world,

So, I create my own words of my own world

Let me die in my dream that I believe.

School of life

Strike the truth, spare no word,

So let the diction rest in the dictionary,

I’m a guy from the street, a visionary.

What am I doing, I can’t stay doing nothing

She’s in school; he’s in school,

So I have to be in school

Frustrated going to school, leaving school remain more frustrated

What am I studying? What do I study for? Why am I studying it for?

Questions I skip to answer in class looking so confused

I end up complaining:

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I’m tired of the lecturer,

I’m tired of his lecture,

I’m tired of the class,

It’s tough to pass,

I can’t see what is written

I need some glasses

So I seek for the other path, the lazy path,

For others follow that path, thinking it might just be the right path.

Excuse…. me, am a graduate, and so what?

Someone ask me, which do you prefer:

A complimentary card or a certificate?

After spending so much time putting value in a paper,

I forget something, my value.

After many years in school, I have to walk around with my photocopy

Does true value come with a photocopy if I may ask?

But wait first, why should I beat my head so hard, just because I’m not in school

When I know, am in school of life where every facility lays

My guy, if you think you are intelligent then pass the test of life

My course of life is where my vision lays

My lecturer is life itself, my lecture room is life itself

Every circumstances and trials of life are my test and exam of life

I don’t sit to wait for my result, I sit to face my result.

Every day, I sleep and raise up in school of life,

Every of my breath I take in shows me the rules of life

I Crack my brain each day in how to do well in my class of life

Because each day that passes, puts me in the next class,

But how well do I pass?

If I get beat down in my worries of life, I get fails in my class

If I step up against my failure, I get A’s in my class

I only get distracted in class,

If I infuse my focus on that, that don’t lead me into my purpose

The true knowledge lays within the school of life

The school never teaches us survival of life

What useful is my degree in my course

When I present myself to life, I look frustrated, looking for someone who did cause

Now, you might boost about being a graduate with a paper

When you face the reality of life, then you will know that your paper is something that should come later

What I learnt in school of life, paper never define you, you define your paper

Why then should I go for the paper, when I should go for myself.

Forget say you be street, no means say you no fit create something good out from the street

They said education is the key yes I believe that, but let am confuse about that

Why have educated leaders, with an uneducated country, think about that.