Raphael Ede, Enugu

The President General of Igbo apex socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo has advocated for inclusiveness of women in the nation’s governance.

He said that the more involvement of women in leadership of the country could lead to radical transformations, greater morality and development of the society.

The Ohanaeze President General, made the call in a keynote address at the seminar promoted by women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in honour of Prof Uche Azikiwe and Prof. Joy Ezeilo at Kobb Event Centre Enugu.

He advised that Nigerian woman must discard the concept that she is a passenger and not a partner. “In all civilized climes, a woman gives love, respect and care not at a price but in reciprocity for her partner’s affection and care”.

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Nwodo said that only those who dares, wins. “You can’t have talent and hide it like a lamp under a bushel. You must not let people second guess your abilities. It must be so uncomfortable to see things go so bad when you know that you can do them better. Women by nature are endowed with many peculiar talents. They can multitask, they are a lot more patient, they value relationships and strive for excellence rather than vain glorious ambitions.”

He regretted in Nigeria, notwithstanding the greater number of women over men, public offices are still dominated by men. “Women find it difficult to mobilize themselves because most of them are economically dependent on men and find it difficult to pursue their convictions when such convictions go against the wishes of their male partners. “This makes it very crucial for massive skill development programmes to be promoted to give rural women in Nigeria a unique corridor for economic growth and resultant independence. Nigerian women are wasted resources for greater economic growth, less corrupt society and better public service.”

In her address, Prof. Joy Ezeilo, said that women should be given a role to play in the transformational leadership of Nigeria.

“Nigeria is our only country. I believe in a Nigeria project that will re-build our country to be great among nations. I dream of a new Nigeria where freedom, non-discrimination, peace, gender equality and development will reign. We need to continue to make necessary sacrifice and in solidarity to realize that Nigeria of our dreams. Great leaders have built many nations and may God raise the selfless and visionary leaders to transform this country. Women can and do raise the quality of leadership among nations. Nigeria has not treated the female gender fairly and inclusively in power and decision making,” she said.