From John Adams, Minna

The Nupe Kingdom in Niger State has declared a total spiritual war against Terrorists and gunmen terrorizing the people in the area, killing over 50 Terrorists within 48 hours while many others are being held hostage in the bush with no escape route.

The Nupe Kingdom in Niger State politically refers to as Niger South Senatorial District is comprises eight local government areas which include Bida, Lavun, Mokwa, Gbako, Katcha, Agaie, Lapai and Edati.

The kingdom had remained peaceful since the Banditry activities began in the state over six years ago until last week Monday when gunmen, in their hundreds, invaded some communities in Lavun local government area and killed over 14 people, injured several others.


Communities invaded by the gunmen include, Egbako, Ndaruka Ebbo Tsonfadagabi Tsogi, Gogata and Ndakogitsu others are Ndagbegi Sokiara, Yekoko and Satifu all in Lavun local government area.

A newly weeded pride was whisked away from the venue of the wedding by the rampaging gunmen who also rustle an unspecified number of cattle.

Barely 24 hours after the invasion, the people declared a total spiritual war against the gunmen and went all out in search of them.

The spiritual war was led by the Maiyakin Nupe (traditional chief warlord), assisted by other powerful spiritual warriors in the kingdom and the gunmen were immediately surrounded in the bush.

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All the kidnapped victims, including the rustle cattle, were abandoned by the gunmen who could not retrace their route back from the communities and were left rooming in the bush helplessly as they met their Waterloo in the hands of the people.

As the time of filing these reports on Wednesday, unspecified numbers of them have been neutralized by the local vigilantes, while a manhunt for the remaining ones in the bush is still ongoing.

Although the youths in the area had on Tuesday, protested and blocked the ever-busy Bida-Mokwa highway over what they called ‘lack of action’ from the government after the gunmen attack, the people have asked the government to stay clear from the ongoing spiritual war against the criminals.

The people have equally called on all sons and daughters of the Nupe kingdom to support the ongoing war against the Terrorists they can not watch these criminals taking over the kingdom.

It was reliably gathered two suspected Informants, including a man who supplies them with bread, arrested at Edozhigi community in Gbako Local Government have also met their Waterloo, sending signal to others to divorce themselves from romancing with the Terrorists.

According to the Maiyaki Nupe (the traditional chief warlord) in the Bida Emirate council, Mallam Alh Alhassan Bida said Nupe land has been declared a no go area for the Terrorists or any criminal as any attempt to disrupt the peace of the area will be met with heavy resistance.

Maiyaki Nupe explained that upon receiving the information of the attack by the Terrorist, a mini shrine was immediately created where incantation to provoke the spirit was perfected.

‘As I am talking to you now there is nobody in their captivity, even the rustle animals including the bride and her friends that were kidnapped at Gbacitagi community have been rescued, We are all out for them,’ he said.