By Ikenna Obioha

Right off the bat, it becomes clear Feranmi James is out to make an impression on his listeners as the guitars and drums harmoniously build up on the throttle of an emphatic ‘Let’s Go!’

Those moments mark the opening of Nothing Without You (Live) serving as enough clues to the genre of the song: pop rock.

James vocally rides on the wave of established rhythm, and at some point starts vocalising in a falsetto until he’s met with a pause that segues into the main chorus. At this juncture, he is joined by a choir of female singers, who engage in a call and response of the lyrics, led by him.


You are the air that I breathe 

The life that I live 

I’m nothing without you

You are the song that I sing 

The joy in my heart

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I’m nothing without you


Zest-filled, the instrumentation paints a picture of cheerfulness, gratitude and communion. It possesses a quality of youthful exuberance that is appealing to a younger demographic as typified by most popular rock songs, only this time, appropriated for a gospel audience.

James’ vocal performance, combined with the complementary role the choir plays, blends well to produce a captivating and uplifting song.

While James and the choir enjoy their time in the spotlight, a dynamic transition occurs around the two-minute 53-second mark, seamlessly guiding the listener from one section to another with a compelling instrumental interlude of a guitar solo that sets the stage for the upcoming bridge.

James adeptly aligns his energies, weaving adlibs that intensify in tempo across diverse key shifts. In this song juncture, each musical facet hinges on the singular lyric, yeah, creating a harmonious chaos akin to a tornado. The drums, guitar, and vocals synergize before culminating in a crescendo that gracefully recedes into the background.

On the whole, the production of Nothing Without You is well thought-out, as evidenced in the song’s structure that piques and maintains interest throughout the course. It is memorable, alluding to the works of the American pop-rock group, Daughtry. Elements of Tye Tribbett and Florocka can also be discerned in James’ singing style. Production-wise, the creative team’s ability to achieve balance by judiciously spotlighting all elements – lyrics, instrumentation, and vocal – remains its biggest strength aside from it being a groovy gospel rock song.

James’ Nothing Without You (Live) defies musical boundaries, fusing spirited vocals and dynamic instrumentation for a vibrant blend of pop rock and gospel. The gratitude- filled lyrics, coupled with the live performance, add a unique charm, making it a harmonious journey that transcends genres and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.