By Henry Uche, Lagos

Amid the hardship being experienced by Nigerians, a leading player in the multi-level marketing industry, Norland International, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that its highest-performing distributors enjoy special packages to keep them happy.

Recently, 35 of its top-performing distributors -out of a total of 500,000, enjoyed an all-expense-paid trip to the tropical island nation of Seychelles. This was one of the rewards of hard work.

The trip marks the company’s 9th international sojourn, having previously taken its distributors to Mauritius, China, Dubai (twice), South Africa (Twice), Seychelles and Kenya.

Its National Manager, Kenny Chen, in a statement said Norland International’s all-expense-paid trip to Seychelles for its top-performing distributors was not just a luxurious vacation, but a meaningful investment in the personal and professional growth of its partners.

According to him, the latest trip served as a shining example of the company’s commitment to promoting individual success and community development.

“This package was part of our investment decisions to promote the professional growth and development of our partners – distributors,” he maintained.

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For the highest-ranking distributor in Africa, Romeo Odey, the experience of travel holds the power to broaden horizons and change one’s life by exposing individuals to new perspectives and experiences.

Odey said the prohibitive cost of international travel, however, could be a major barrier for many people, especially those in countries with limited resources.

“Norland International’s commitment to providing such travel experiences, free of charge, presents a unique and valuable opportunity for individuals to broaden their perspectives, expand their cultural horizons, and enhance their lives,”

He maintained that the latest trip to Seychelles was just the beginning, with more international excursions planned for 2023 (3 yearly), which allows more of the company’s distributors to experience the transformative power of travel.

“The company’s commitment to empowering its distributors and enabling them to live their best lives is truly remarkable and deserves recognition.

“The company has taken a total of 2,000 people on their trips, giving out over 1,000 brand new SUVs, houses and estates. These and more are some of the incentives plus their weekly pay.

“In an era where the global travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Norland International’s investment in international travel is a bold step that underscores the company’s confidence in the future of the travel industry and its commitment to helping its distributors grow and succeed,” he affirmed.