By Olu James

Nollywood stars, Antar Laniyan, Kunle Afod, Nkechi Blessing, Funso Adeolu, Abiola Adebayo, Alaba Ultimate, Kemi Korede and Abimbola Kazeem aka Jigan Baba Oja have opened up on the reasons they decided to pitch their tents with new betting platform, Naira Million.

Abiodun Olarenwaju, CEO/founder, Naira Million, explains that there are lots of betting companies in Nigeria, but he’s set to redefine the industry with his platform. “We want to redefine the industry and make people play the game responsibly. With as little as N100, people have the opportunity of making millions every week. What’s unique about Naira Million is that we don’t want lottery to be for a certain group of people, we want it to be accessible to everybody,” he says.

Speaking on why she signed an endorsement deal to represent Naira Million, Nkechi Blessing said being an actress with a large fan base, she’ll be happy to see her numerous fans become millionaires through the gaming company.

“Naira Million is going to enable my fans make money and become millionaires. And anything that has to do with my fans, I’m always passionate about it. That’s why I had to come on board as an ambassador for Naira Million,” she stated.

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For Funso Adeolu, Naira Million is a game changer and a platform that will make lots of people not only wealthy but also successful. “Naira Million is a new thing in town. It’s a platform that will change the lives of so many people and make them more successful, and so I am happy to be part of it.” he enthused.

On his part, musician and actor, Alaba Ultimate is excited to be an ambassador of Naira Million. According to him, signing a deal with the gaming outfit is a blessing, which he is ready to transfer to his fans. “I am excited to sign a deal with Naira Million as their brand ambassador and celebrity partner. As a musician and actor, if you have the talent, definitely you’ll be able to do so many things. I believe I’m blessed with this deal, which I’ll use to bless the world,” he said.

Actor and film producer, Abiola Adebayo says she feels good to be counted as part of Naira Million ambassadors. To her, the brand is special because it’s an avenue to bless many Nigerians. “I love the fact that somebody is going to wake up one day and become a millionaire through Naira Million. That I am part of the brand is a good one for me. In my own little way, through the social media, I will start telling people about Naira Million and making sure that people know about the brand,” she vowed.

And to Abimbola Kazeem, Naira Million is an opportunity to showcase his innate abilities as an entertainer. “When I went through all they have done and all they have as plans, I saw that they are different from others. Naira Million is a platform that would launch many out of poverty and turn them into legit millionaires.”