The Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), Tunde Popoola, has expressed his admiration for the exceptional performances of Nigerian athletes at the African Games, particularly those who have secured medals for the country.

Popoola highlighted the dedication and commitment demonstrated by the athletes in their preparations for the games, emphasizing that their achievements are a source of pride for the nation.

 “I’m very excited about that. I mean they worked hard to get to this point and of course, we were not expecting anything less. They have a hard-working president, a hard-working federation, and hardworking athletes.

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“Of course, with the support of the government as well as the NOC, we will not expect anything less than that but I am happy and I thank the athletes for doing us proud.”

Popoola’s remarks underscore the collective effort and collaboration among various stakeholders in the sports community to support and empower Nigerian athletes to excel on the continental stage.

As the games progress, Popoola remains optimistic about the prospects of Team Nigeria and anticipates further success in the competitions ahead.