A former member of the Kwara state House of Assembly in the Second Republic, Hon. Ayodele Shittu, has blamed current low governance level and performance in the country on lack of vibrant political system.

Speaking exclusively with Daily Sun, in Ilorin, on Tuesday, the former Kwara State lawmaker said that there could not be serous governance without vibrant political system.

Said he, “There can’t be serous governance without vibrant political system. Political parties, right from word go, should have political manifesto. And any serious party would think of election and what happens in future of the party and future of the society. Ideology is what sustains a political party. It was four cardinal programme of UPN under Chief Obafemi Awolowo that made us to win elections. It was not mere propaganda then as elected and party officials work towards implementation and bringing about dividends of the programmes through conscious efforts of party and elected members.

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“There’s nothing like that now. With all the cult like followership of Buhari, there’s no adherence to party programmes and thus you see party in disarray. There’s no party discipline. That would not happen with party that were there in those days. Even shagari with all the faults, NPN had their own programmes then which is agriculture. Without strong political party in place, you can’t have good government. And it’s good and experienced leadership that can attract a good party system. In those days, people like Tai Solarin, Wole Soyinka and the like were the ones in the background churning out ideas, position papers on education, agriculture, etc for guidance of the party and it is this that party members would debate and come up with their own working ideologies.

“In spite of the goodwill that Buhari has, I can’t see any difference now. Except for the fact that people are afraid of stealing public funds, which is not really total, things are still same old story”, he said.

The Awoist, who criticised the current political system in the country, advocated a part time legislature in the country to curb wastages. saying that the presidential system of government should be discontinued with and adopt parliamentary system.