From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), Group General Manager (GGM), Melee Koko Kyari, has assured the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of adequate supply of petroleum products on election days for the 2023 poll.

Kyari gave the assurance during a meeting with the leadership of the electoral commission in Abuja on Tuesday.

INEC’s Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, had made special request for supply of the product on election day for the vehicles on duty. 

Responding, Kyari said: “We know that logistic is a major component of electoral duties.”

“NNPC has always supported the INEC, not in this direct form, in making sure that fuel is made available to all vehicles that are involved in the electoral process.

“Needless to say that there was no formal framework for that, and there were no even exact formal requests for this.

“All the same, we are always conscious of the necessity to provide support to INEC whenever elections take place.

In today’s very different, Mr chairman  it not just an honour to an NNPCL.

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“It’s also a challenge to us, to come into the equation in making sure that we have a stable political system in our country and we will be happy to contribute to this. Much as even you are going to pay for the product that we are going to deliver to you,” he said.

Speaking further, he  said: “Having said this chairman, we are the largest downstream company in the country today. Six months ago, it was not so but today we have acquired huge assets since our incorporation into limited liability company and we have spread across the country.

“That is not to say that we are in every city and every town, it is possible that there may be some locations where we may not be present.

“We will work with your logistic team to identify those areas where we may not have presence so that we can bring in other marketing companies into the conversation so that the products are made available to all the 100,000 vehicles that you have indicated. 

“There will be no difficulty doing this Mr Chairman, we have present we are everywhere. But where we are not, we will provide commercial conversation between the commission and other marketing companies so that when you need this product, you will have it.

“Also in addition to this Mr chairman, we’re the only company that has floating mega stations in the country. 

“We will also look at this and see how we can make it available for the purpose of the Marine Operations in the riverrine areas of our country.

“I assure you just as we you have indicated, we have taken very extreme measures to see that we can contain the current distribution challenges that we have and will believe that within the next one week there will be significant relief if not elimination of the current situation that we’re facing.

“In respect of that we will make arrangements to make sure their products are made available to your vehicles during the election period or as a buildup to the election.

“Our team will engage so that they sort out  what best mechanism to be in need  so and to take it up from there,” he said.

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