Member of the national caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Sam Nkire, has threatened to quit party politics in 2023, if APC fails to take power from the Peoples Democratic Party in Abia State.

Nkire, pioneer leader of Abia State APC caucus, said if nothing was done to correct the joke that took place in the name of congresses in the state, it might leave both the party and the people of Abia State crying in 2023.

He said a situation where the party is handed over to one individual (Ikechi Emenike) leaving out hundreds of notable political leaders, would surely spell doom for the collective aspirations of the people in the coming governorship election.

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Nkire, therefore, called on APC national leadership to take a justifiable look at the Abia situation and ensure APC does not lose the state for the third time running.

He said Abia State APC was one of the most peaceful and homogeneous branches in the country, adding that he could vote for Emenike, if he joins the mainstream of the party in the state and wins the primary election for governorship.