The National Institute of Office Administrators and Information Managers (NIOAIM), inducted 31 members at its just-concluded 2024 biennial conference, with the theme; “Office Administration and Information Management in the Digital Era.”

NIOAIM president, Dr. Tolulope Adenekan, said its ultimate aim was to highlight the vital roles that office administration and information management, as well as their practitioners, play in the modern administrative system. She emphasized the importance of academic exposure, networking, knowledge-sharing and skill enhancement:

“In today’s digital age, it is our pleasure to explore the intersection of office administration and information management.

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“With my 24 years of experience in this field, I have witnessed the transformative power of digital tools and data-driven decision-making in modern offices. I recognize the need for agile and adaptable office administrators who can harness technology to propel business success. I am excited to lead a community of like-minded individuals and learn from experienced members and faculty who can share expertise in navigating the digital landscape.

“Through this conference, we aim to increase our intelligence to drive organizational efficiency, enhance information flow and foster collaborative work environments. I am confident that this programme will equip us with the expertise and networking opportunities to make a lasting impact in the world of office administration and information management.

“We anticipate that the academic presentations and professional development workshops will go a long way in accomplishing the aims and objectives of our noble institute to further elevate the profession of office administration and information management in Nigeria.”