In a bid to support mothers in Africa, UK-based entrepreneur and mother of four, Nina Kalu, through her recently launched charity foundation, ‘Mamas In Need’ is addressing the issues and challenges women face during pregnancy in rural villages in Africa.

According to Nina, who is also the founder of Mamas Hub, mothers and their babies face challenges some of which are fatal during childbirth because they lack proper equipment and resources. In 2015, it was estimated that roughly 303,000 women died during childbirth.

Said Nina: “Almost all of these deaths occurred in low resource settings and most could have been prevented. We work with health centres that have absolutely no facilities to help mothers who are in the greatest need and the highest risk of dying during pregnancy.”

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Mamas In Need’s vision is for women in Africa to have access to basic pre-natal care, safe childbirth and basic postnatal care no matter where they live. The foundation intends to work with the local governments and other partners to provide safe environment for childbirth, training facilities for midwives and basic maternity care.

Funded by Mamas Hub, Mamas In Need seeks to ensure that every pregnant woman has access to quality maternity services anywhere in Africa. The foundation provides training sessions, organise fundraisers, provide maternity items and clothing for mothers and their babies.

“Africa has been blessed with very intelligent and well learned doctors, nurses and midwives, who have been trained locally and abroad. I believe that we should work together to provide better quality health services for pregnant mothers and their babies.” Nina said.

Continuing, she added,  “we are currently working on healthcare centres in Abiriba, Abia State, Nigeria. We also work with a UK trained and qualified senior midwife who trains people and we have some UK companies currently supporting us.”