In a bid to bolster the EndSars movement and give voice to the clamour against police brutality, Adebisi Lawal, a compassionate talent manager and co-founder of Vuga Music, spearheaded an unconventional approach.



Lawal approached the coordinator of the protests, proposing the inclusion of brass musicians – trumpeters, saxophonists, trombonists, and more  to infuse their musical talents into the cause.



Under Adebisi Lawal’s guidance, Kwitee, a popular Nigeria musician with Flugel Horn and celebrated as one of Nigeria’s extra ordinary trumpeters, led the charge.


With Lawal’s creative vision and Kwitee’s musical prowess, the ensemble aimed to resonate deeply with Nigerians, articulating the urgency of ending police brutality through their melodic protest.


This innovative strategy showcased Lawal’s ingenuity and underscored the transformative power of art and music in driving social change.

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As the EndSars movement gathered momentum, Lawal’s initiative added a unique and resonant dimension and also one of the most memorable days in the protest days, uniting the community in a harmonious call for justice and reform.



For two weeks, Nigeria witnessed an incredible outpouring of support and sharing of common ground by young Nigerians across, with #EndSARS protests having been held in more than 30 Nigerian cities.



The #EndSARS movement drew global and local support while the subsequent violence and deaths garnered condemnation.


The protests gained global support and became the biggest movement for change of young people in Nigeria’s history. This was made possible after celebrities in the country joined to create awareness about the injustice Nigerians face in the hands of officers charged with protecting them.