The Federal Government, yesterday, disclosed that it would  save over $100 million yearly if all its agencies could train their staff locally.

Speaking after the National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) signed  a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Salaries Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC), in Abuja, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NACETEM, Dr John Akintayo Omimakinde, said that beside saving money, the pressure on the exchange rate will reduce.

He said that in  the last few months the agency had trained a number of civil servants adding that if their   estacode, air tickets and other expenses are considered, it will run into several millions of naira.

“There was one training we had. More than 50 people were  in attendance. The other one we had more than 20 people in attendance. 

Nigeria will be saving up to $100 million in a year, if they consistently come to be trained by our agency rather than going abroad for training.

“When they  come to train consistently with us  the money they will spend and the pressure on the exchange rate will  reduce. Many people do not know what we can offer and that’s the essence of this collaboration so that we can be known. The agencies should  know that what they are running to USA or  UK they can as well get it in Nigeria” he said.

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In his remarks, the chairman of NSIWC, Mr Ekpo Nta said that his agency has been in the business of domesticating trainings.

According to him, the trainings that people run out of the country to go and get actually domiciled in Nigeria.

He said that recently the  staff  of his agency were  trained local and if the 55 staff were to train abroad each would spend at least  $400 and if  the amount is multiplied by the number of the trainees it will be more than the budget of the commission.

“I have always been in the trend  of trying to domesticate trainings and innovations like this and I can tell you that some of the trainings that people run out of the country to go and get actually domiciled in this country. And much better because it’s tailored to suit the environment. 

“So, in terms of foreign exchange, the first training we had with  them (NACETEM) we had  55 staff. Can you imagine taking 55 persons out of Nigeria.  There’s none that  would not spend at least $400 in those countries, so  enriching those economies and depriving our own. So, this is a master-stroke. And given the international outreach of NACETEM,  expect that this will also attract a reverse foreign investment in terms of training in Nigeria,” he stated.