Nigerian experts attending Canada’s largest crypto event, Blockchain Futurist Conference are looking to further expand on the country’s technology growth by forging strategic partnerships as well as showcase the country as the most desired tech hub in Africa.

     This was canvassed by Stella Sophia Iheme, a stakeholder participating at the event billed for August 13 to 14, 2024. According to the tech expert with years of experience in coding and design, Nigeria needs to continue to exert its leadership in blockchain technology ecosystem in Africa.

     Regarded as the largest Blockchain Conference in North American country, the confab will bring together stakeholders from across the world to leverage multiple platforms to create a future universe within a conference.                           

The conference consists of multiple stages and over + 7,000 attendees, +200 partners, +1,000 web 3 developers, and +100 media.

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   According to organisers, the focus of the conference which has been running for 11 years would be on critical themes such as Bitcoin, Staking, Web3, and Decentralised Finance.

   While speaking, Iheme noted that Nigerians attending the conference will seek to consolidate on gains of blockchain adoption and growth of the digital economy in the region which has ranked it as the third fastest-growing cryptocurrency market globally, steadily attracting large investments. Interests from business and governments in the region have been driving growth for end-to-end applications such as supply chain management, financial inclusion, remittances, startups and innovation, and identity verification among others.

Speaking about her expectations, Iheme aligns with reports which confirms  that West Africa continues to remain critical to the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa while platforms such as the Futurist Blockchain Conference can help deepen strategic partnerships.

     She said: “Regardless of the misconception about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which has attracted government’s scrutiny, it has continued to make more inroads within the Nigerian economic landscape. Global forums such as Futurist Blockchain Conference lends us a handshake across the Atlantic to help us deepen the gains we have made regionally and sub-nationally.”