By Ja’afaru Yakubu

Nigerian foreign policy principles are predicated historically, since independence through the years, on Non-alignment; Equality of all States; Non-interference in the domestic affairs of other states, Multilateralism and Afrocentrism, and are driven as strategies of achieving her foreign policy objectives, which are designed to respond appropriately to the dynamics of international system. These principles have never shifted and empirically respond to different phases of the development of international system and the domestic affairs of Nigeria. Nigeria at all times wishes to uphold the principles of democratic governance that are anchored on accountability, transparency, rule of law, human rights, participation, etc. Thus, the country’s foreign policy practice at regional, African and global level has been sanctioned by the ethos of democracy. This has been the reason why Nigeria vehemently fought and support decolonization processes across Africa and elsewhere in the world. This largely also explains the reason why in spite of its power and resources, it has never wished to dominate or intervene into the domestic affairs of any state. The founding fathers of Nigerian foreign policy has made it very clear that the country has no territorial ambition, let alone intervene into the affairs of any country. In this vein, Nigeria respects the sovereignty of all state in the international system.

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China has been a major international friend and partner of Nigeria. The relations between the two countries predated Nigeria’s independence and had continued to expand and broadened. The principles upon which China-Nigeria relations at bilateral and multilateral levels have never changed. In this context, the election in China’s Taiwan region and any aspiration for independence has not only contradict principles of Nigeria’s foreign relations with China, it also negates all scientific principles of China’s sovereignty. On behalf of the House Committee of Nigeria-China Relations, I wish to reaffirm that Nigeria constantly adheres to the one-China Principle. There is but one China in the world, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China. Nigeria opposes any separatist activities aimed at “Taiwan independence” and foreign interference in internal affairs of other states while fully supports China’s strive in achieving peaceful reunification.

Hon. Ja’afaru Yakubu is the Chairman, House Committee Nigeria-China Relations (The National Assembly Complex Abuja).