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As peace is gradually returning to some troubled communities in Niger State that were hitherto ravaged by bandits, insurgents and other criminal elements, House of Assembly Speaker, Abdulmalik Daji, has commended the efforts of the Nigerian Army for it relentless war against what he called enemies of the people.

The speaker specifically hailed the efforts of the men of Nigerian Army for restoring peace and sanity on the Minna-Tegina-Kontagora highway after years of banditry activities, saying travellers on the roads and other highways in the state can now heave a sigh of relief.

He gave the commendation on Saturday at the headquarters, Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery, Nagwamatse Cantonment, Kontagora, Niger State during the 2023 annual event of the West African Social Activities (WASA-2023) organised by the military cantonment.

Sarkindaji, who was the special guest on the occasion, acknowledged 2023 was a challenging one for the Nigerian Army due to it involvement in internal security across the length and breath of the country, adding that “despite all these challenges, the Nigerian Army has lived up to expectations in the war against bandits, insurgents and other criminal elements in the country.”

The speaker maintained that what the Nigerian Army needs from Nigerians is prayers and support, especially from governments, at all levels, to enable them win the war against those who have continue to make lives miserable for the citizens.

He pointed out that the Nigerian Army has continue to make sacrifices in the face of challenges confronting it as a profession saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

He particularly thanked the Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery, Nagwamatse Cantonment for their unwavering commitment to protecting the lives and properties of the people of Kontagora emirate and Niger State at large.

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Daji took the opportunity of the occasion to underscore the historical significance and importance of the West African Social Activities (WASA) event, saying it is a vital link between the military and civil society.

According to him, it fosters mutual understanding and cooperation between these two essential pillars of society, adding: “It equally foster strong bonds between the military and civil society, echoing the sentiment of unity and collaboration in the pursuit of collective progress and security.” he said.

He expressed satisfaction that despite the commitment and busy schedule of the officers and soldiers, the military authorities took time out to bring together the military personnel and their families to celebrate and mark the end of training activities in the Nigerian Army Forces.

Earlier, the Commander of the Nigerian Army Corps of Artillery (NACA), M. G. Kangye, said WASA an annual event which marks the end the training activities was organised by the Nigerian Army with the sole aim of bringing together officers and soldiers, and their families to showcase the diverse rich culture of various ethnic groups.

According to him “it equally afford the officers and soldiers, and their families the atmosphere to socialise and interact with themselves and their civilian counterparts.”

The highlights of the event was the presentation of awards of excellence to deserving soldiers who distinguished themselves during the training year.

There were cultural displays by various ethnic groups, prominent among them are Hausa/Fulani, Igbo, Benin, Kanuri, Yoruba, and Tiv cultural dancers.

Commander of the Nigerian Army Training Center (NATRAC), Kontagora L. T. Omoniyi, also witnessed the occasion.