By Christopher Oji

The traditional ruler of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi,has condemned the Federal Government ( FG), under the watch of President Muhammed Buhari over the suffering inflicted on innocent Nigeria masses due to new Naira regime.

Oba Akanbi who described the approach to the new Naira ‘” as insensitive, barbaric, inhuman, heartless, and uncivilized” , cautioned the FG, and Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Godwin Emefiele, to decimate the pain inflicted on Nigerians with holistic review of the new naira notes.

Oluwo said the government and CBN chief have no excuse subjecting innocent Nigerians to such sufferings, noting they are already throwing the country into chaos.

He warned Buhari and his cabals to respect the dignity of e Nigerians and stop punishing innocents masses because of few politicians.

He disclosed the non availability of money has caused problems in many banks,as angry customers were seen fighting one another, destroying bank properties, and reducing human dignity because there was no money in banks.

He cahllenged the CBN Governor on his claim of availability of money in banks, saying he should name the any bank in Iwo that are dispensing cash .

He maintained that the CBN has failed and lost the respect of Nigerians, saying that many citizens could no longer go to work, artisans are not making money, students are starved , no transport fare to go to anywhere .

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He feared the naira tension may invite unrest , urging the government to take urgent measure to nip the looming trouble on the bud.

A statement by Oluwo through his press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, further reads “I’m afraid on the heightened tension invited by undue suffering on innocent Nigerians because of non availability of naira notes. There is no naira notes, both new and old in banks. As I’m,I have no cash on me. It has grounded almost all Nigerians

“I have watched videos of many bank customers unleashing mayhem on banks and their members of staff. I saw customers beating one another on queues. I’ve equally seen children roaming and scavenging the street. They could not go to school because there is no cash (money) for food and transport. Or has government opened accounts for these little children they can use to buy biscuits, candies etc?

“This approach is a pure demonstration of insensitivity to human feelings, outright manifestation of barbarism by the CBN governor and the federal government “

“The suffering induced by non availability of money in banks is questionable at this critical time. President Muhammed Buhari, his cabals and the CBN governor owe us an explanation. The fuel scarcity is another touching pain. When will this last, February 25th is still far. Don’t set Nigeria on fire because you intend to punish few politicians “

“In Iwo, there are over 4- commercial banks. Only one of them is giving money this morning. The CBN chief who has earlier claimed the availability of new naira notes in all banks should visit Iwo to disclaim my position. Only Lotus bank making difference

“I call on Nigerians to maintain peace. We don’t have any other collective nation. Let’s keep calm, obey law and endure the moment. I will keep pushing until the authorities listen”