By Terwase Awunah

Lack of quality healthcare services in Nigeria is one of the reasons, if not the only reason, people travel abroad to access healthcare services.

Apart from that, the attitude of staff towards patients is another challenge we should address in public hospitals. Some hostile attitude and carefree behaviour can escalate bad health situations of patients who need healthcare and possibly cause death.

Most private hospitals in Nigeria are known for the administration of better healthcare services to their patients and because of that those who can afford the services ignore government hospitals to patronise private healthcare in the country.

I was surprised to see a proficient level of administration of services at the Muhammadu Buhari Police Hospital, Force Headquarters Abuja, during my recent visit to the hospital.

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In an establishment where better services are offered and things are working accordingly, it’s quite easy to presume that the head of that establishment has been up and doing to ensure that things go well and the specific segment of the public for which it exists is well served.

It in this regard that I must commend the Assistant Commissioner of Police and Chief Medical Director of Muhammdu Buhari Police Hospital, Force Headquarters Abuja, Dr. Chinonyerem Lawrence Welle, for ensuring the hospital dispenses the needed services to the patients who are officers of the Nigeria Police Force and their families.

I am calling on other Chief Medical Directors of government-owned hospitals to emulate Dr. Chinonyerem Lawrence Welle, thereby ensuring the administration of better services to their patients and the discipline of their staff to make government hospitals attractive, and to prevent the unnecessary deaths in order to safe lives.

Government may not be doing enough but in many cases, those working in government-owned establishments contribute in giving the government a bad name as they behave lackadaisically and have very poor attitude to work, which is why they render bad services.

• Awunah, a human rights campaigner and public affairs commentator, writes from Mpape, Abuja