Financial freedom takes on a different meaning for everyone. For Nebo Bandovic he finds great joy in knowing the hard work he has put into his endeavors for so many years has paid off. How did he find his freedom? By investing in real estate.

Nebo Bandovic was highly motivated when he saw the potential for passive income through real estate investment. He started NB Elite Realty to invest and offer brokerage and mentorship services to agents. As a unique offering, his agents receive 100% commission at closing, so they can learn to reinvest in real estate. “What do we mean by ‘investor-friendly’ brokerage? It means that not only do we invite all agent-investors to join our team, but we also want to encourage, educate, and inspire agents to invest their money into real estate. Anyone can do it with proper training and mentorship!” says Nebo.

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“I am an immigrant and didn’t go to American schools like other people, yet I made it in real estate,” says Nebo. He left his home in Yugoslavia in 1985 to play pro soccer in the US. Yet, he knew his real goal was to generate passive income. Nebo’s values on hard work give him great joy and satisfaction when he achieves the goals he set out to complete.

Nebo Bandovic’s perseverance carried him through any obstacles that came his way. Even when the real estate market saw its downturns, he survived. As an investor-friendly brokerage, he encourages his agents to expand their horizons with financial freedom as their goal. “Don’t be scared to take risks. Work hard, don’t give up, attack and solve the problems,” says Nebo.

While trying to find personal financial freedom, it’s easy to feel lost. Even though everyone’s definition of freedom is different, anyone can achieve it with the right determination and the right tools. “I don’t know if there is anyone who has a story like mine. Coming in with no English, to play pro soccer and I was one of the best soccer players…Then a successful real estate investor and broker,” says Nebo.

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