• Highlights Governor Sule’s plans for improved water supply

From Abel Leonard, Lafia

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Sun on Monday, Ahmed Abubakar Kana, the General Manager of the Nasarawa State Water Board, revealed that Governor Sule’s priority for the remaining four years of his tenure will be centred around revitalising the state’s water system and expanding water channels.

These measures he said are aimed to address the critical issue of water supply, particularly in the state capital.

Kana emphasised the importance of support from the people in ensuring a smooth administration during the governor’s second term. He stated that Governor Sule is committed to guaranteeing that every Nasarawa citizen has access to an adequate supply of water in their households.

Recognising the vital role water plays in the lives of the people, he said the governor aims to prioritise the revitalisation of the state’s water system.

“This initiative will involve upgrading infrastructure, ensuring proper maintenance, and implementing efficient water management practices. By doing so, the government intends to provide a reliable and sustainable water supply to meet the increasing demands of the growing population.” He added.

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Additionally, Kana said there are plans to introduce more water channels across the state to enhance water distribution.

“This step aims to address the current challenges faced by rural communities in accessing clean water. By extending water channels, the government hopes to significantly improve the reach of potable water, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.”

The GM expressed optimism about the governor’s plans, stressing the importance of collaboration between the government and the people while calling on the citizens of Nasarawa to rally behind the governor’s vision and actively participate in supporting the administration’s efforts to improve the water supply.

Daily Sun gathered that the issue of water scarcity has been a long-standing concern in Nasarawa State, particularly in the state capital. By prioritising water revitalisation and the development of additional water channels, Governor Sule’s administration aims to tackle this challenge head-on.

The successful implementation of these measures will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the lives of the people, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for Nasarawa State.