From Abel Leonard, Lafia

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has taken a firm stance against the state Football Association (FA) elections conducted in Nasarawa, announcing the nullification of the results due to a flagrant disregard for NFF directives. This decision comes in the wake of court injunctions, petitions, and multiple irregularities reported prior to the election of May 27, 2023.

Recall that the NFF had previously issued warnings to the State FAs, advising against proceeding with their elections. However, despite these cautions, the Nasarawa FA went ahead with the elections, prompting the NFF’s swift response.

“Normalization Committees will be set up for Nasarawa, in a letter sighted by Sun correspondent on Saturday signed by Ali Mohammad Abubakar, the NFF’s Head of Member Associations. He further clarified that the state had failed to adhere to the NFF Statutes and the electoral code in their election procedures.

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Citing Article 85 of the FIFA-approved NFF Statutes, which deals with unforeseen contingencies and force majeure, Abubakar emphasized that the NFF’s Executive Committee possesses the final authority to decide on matters not explicitly covered in the Statutes or in cases of force majeure.

“The decision to nullify the Nasarawa FA election is aimed at restoring order and upholding the integrity of the football governing body’s processes. By establishing Normalization Committees in the affected states, the NFF intends to rectify the situation and ensure that future elections are conducted in accordance with the stipulated guidelines.”

“This move underscores the NFF’s commitment to maintaining transparency, fairness, and adherence to regulations within the football ecosystem. As the nation’s leading football authority, the NFF strives to protect the interests of all stakeholders involved and promote the growth of the sport across Nigeria.”

Sun reports that Football enthusiasts and stakeholders eagerly await further updates regarding the formation of the Normalization Committee and the subsequent actions to be taken to restore order and uphold the values of the beautiful game in the state.