By Sunday Ani

Former chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole has said the current hardship that Nigerians are passing through as a result of the redesigned naira notes is uncalled for, even as he described the as senseless.

He noted that the Central Bank Governor might have the legal right for what he has done but simply leadership tutorial would have informed him that as a leader, you don’t make a policy without considering its implementability.

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He decried a situation where the CBN limits the maximum amount of daily withdrawal to N20, 000 saying, “How can the CBN limit daily withdrawal to N20, 000 when a bag of rice sells for over N35,000? It means that one has to spend two days queuing to withdraw money from the ATM to be able to buy a bag of rice; that is not acceptable.”

On whether what he has said was not an indictment on the APC, he said the CBN governor deceived the President into believing that the policy would curb corruption. He noted that was not to prevent abuses but to stop the election from taking place. “Whoever scuttles the election, scuttles the chances of APC from winning the election. The decision to redesign the naira was that of Emefiele. It was I’ll conceived and I’ll thought out. It is the poor that are most hit by the policy,” he added.

He further said: “Citizens should not beg to take part of their legitimately earned money. We cannot be governed by decree. If the President does not govern by decree, nobody attempt to govern us by decree,” he cautioned.