From Ndubuisi Orji, Abuja

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, has said that an estimated N5 billion has been paid as ransom to kidnappers since 2016.

Kalu stated this on Monday while speaking at a National Dialogue on State Policing, organised by the House of Representatives. He noted that this staggering figure exposes the growth of criminal enterprise in the country.

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‘Since 2016, estimates suggest over ₦5 billion has been paid in ransoms to kidnappers, a figure that starkly exposes the alarming growth of this criminal enterprise in the country.

“Furthermore, the 2024 Global Terrorism Index paints a concerning picture, ranking Nigeria fourth in Sub-Saharan Africa and eighth globally for countries most impacted by terrorism. These statistics underscore the urgent need for a multi-layered policing approach that prioritizes local security and enables a more responsive policing environment in Nigeria.”