Eric Chigozie, popular as MFK has revealed that his new EP titled ‘The Magic’ is a body of work that screams professionalism all the way.


According to the rap cum Afrobeats artiste in a recent interview, the latest release “is a five-song body of work that encompasses fun, consciousness, love, flirtation, and still go has the all-round feel of a complete body of work. From great production to amazing mixing, it screams professionalism all the way.


“I’d describe my style of music as a unique blend of rap and Afrobeats. Mixing rap, flow, and rhythm with major elements from African music like the drums, percussions, lingo, and general vibes.


Giving it a sensational and pleasing aura. When you mix originality and blend with the best of rap intertwined with African-ness, it’s only natural that the outcome makes one unique. That’s what I possess on a default.”

Speaking on making music, MFK explained that he found music in the early 2000s while listening to the likes of Lil Bow Wow, Usher Raymond, Sisqo, Lil Romeo. “That was when the extra love and enthusiasm for the craft grew.


“As much as I always planned for a plan B, I always had music as a forefront choice when I thought about a career path. I didn’t know how it was going to be or how I’d go about it, but that was always there.


“Life inspires my music as experiences encountered are what I translate into music. Be it personal experiences or third-party experiences,” he shared.

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While weighing in on the music industry and recognition, MFK revealed that “As much as I’m not one big on awards, a few nods from some of the notable academies that recognise musicians would be nice. Whether Headies or Grammys, it’s all welcomed. But personally, the fan love and support would be my greatest and most notable award.”


Explaining how he came by his stage name, he shared, “I see myself as a highly favored person. One who is also a King as my name “Eric” translates to that. I call myself ‘Most Favored King’, which is why I decided to go with the acronym MFK.”


On the future, MFK said, “I’m contemplating dropping a deluxe version to it. I’m a little undecided for now, but let’s see what the next few months hold. If a deluxe doesn’t drop, I’d start working on a new body of work.


“With the state of the economy and with the way artistes earn, which is majorly through streaming, as a rising act it’s smart to have other streams of income. Be it merchandise, or anything one can combine with the craft that both wouldn’t suffer. So, I apply that mentality to my lifestyle to get a stronger earning power. Hence, my having a thriving nine to five, my being an entrepreneur, as I also run a clothing line, and more recently a podcast I host called ‘The Afrocool Podcast’.

MFK’s latest EP ‘The Magic’ is a vibrant journey through the artiste’s aspirations, love life, and undeniable charisma. With five tracks that blend Afrobeats, R&B, and Hip-Hop, MFK delivers a mix of catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics.


Some of the tracks include, ‘I am Magic’, ‘Sweetest Sound’, ‘Close Marking’, ‘Lover Boy Music’, and ‘For You’.