The Alliance for Democracy (AD) candidate for Ogun State, Oluseyi Olufade-Olowookere, has promised not to neglect the border towns like Agbara, Mowe, Akute and Olambe in the state if elected into office.

He said that he was aware of the economic potential of the areas and so will do everything under the sun to develop the areas so that such economic benefits can be tapped. 

Have you heard of Lambe, Akute, Ojodu- Abiodun, Adiyan, Matogun areas in Ifo Local Govt Areas of the state?

 Yes, I have heard of those areas and driven to all of them. I have been to all those areas and for every time I’ve been there, I come out pained, sad and disappointed at why our people have to suffer so needlessly. For a local government that holds about 10 percent of the state’s population and such huge economic potential, it is sad and unacceptable. On a few occasions, I drove myself to Akute and another time to Lambe, I came back home with pains all over my back and neck. It got me wondering about the cause and effect of that bad state of roads on the health, vehicles and the lives of people in general; the loss of economic value is also unquantifiable.

 I do not like the state of roads in those areas. I feel it is deliberate negligence on the part of government.

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 What are your plans to develop the area especially on the provision of roads and hospitals among other infrastructure?

 Some key deliverables of our government within six months of being sworn in on May 29 2019 is the rehabilitation of a Primary Health Care Centre (PHC) and a Primary School in each ward to benchmark standard. We will also fix 2Km of road in each ward within the same period. These action plans will be common to all 236 wards of the state. However, Ifo council is in the class of councils with special attention and more would be done to strengthen the local government autonomy, enhance neighbourhood developments, MSME clusters and skills acquisition centres to serve Lagos and create huge economic turnarounds.

 It is apparent that both Otunba Gbenga Daniel and Ibikunle Amosun governments have neglected the area in the past 16 years, what are your plans to lift the area and should you fail what do you want people to do to you after electing you?

 Already, if we take a close look at the four border local governments to Lagos State namely Ifo, Sagamu, Obafemi Owode and Ado -Odo -Ota, we will see that they have some characteristics unique to them. Our action plan to uplift the areas would be to strengthen their comparative competitiveness in the areas of agriculture and agro processing hubs (Sagamu and Obafemi Owode), knowledge city (in Ota), media/technology hubs (Ifo) , industry (Obafemi Owode and Ota) to mention a few. We would pay careful attention to the master plan of these areas to cater for the development and expansion while also ensuring adequate security of lives and properties. 

With every development come some potential social menaces. We will ensure the implementation of parks and recreation areas in every ward to gainfully engage and channel the energies of our youths. Yes we are very much aware of the revenue potential of the areas. We will ensure developments that will give meaning to the sweat and toil of all the residents of the area. We will put purposeful efforts to ensure a broadening of the economic capabilities in all dimensions. As outlined earlier, we believe when the dignity of life is improved plus adequate security, the government and the people are better for it.