By Bianca Iboma- Emefu 

Fast-rising Nigerian artiste, SammyLee, has said his newly released single titled “In My Head” is a tribute to lovers, particularly those who cannot stop thinking about their significant other. 

It is a danceable Afro-Urban song that tells the story of love and the pursuit of happiness. 

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SammyLee, who refers to himself as the “love doctor” or “minister of enjoyment” is passionate about making music and sharing it with others. 

As a musician, SammyLee’s fulfillment is performing live and seeing the reaction of the crowd. 

“The sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something original and unique can be incredibly satisfying. I enjoy live performances. While the music industry can be tough and competitive, musicians are willing to overcome any obstacles to share their music with the world.  Ultimately, the desire to make music is a powerful force that drives musicians to keep creating, performing, and sharing their art with the world, no matter the challenges they may face along the way,” he said.