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She made her debut as an actress in Yomi Fabiyi’s movie, Agbede Meji. And since then, it has been non-stop appearances for Oyebade Adebimpe popularly known as Mo’ Bimpe in the film industry.

Bimpe, who is also a model, has produced three movies. She is currently busy shooting another blockbuster entitled, Omo Oba Adebimpe. In this chat, she reveals a lot about herself. Enjoy it.

Tell us about your family background

I am Oyebade Adebimpe popularly known as Mo’ Bimpe in the movie industry. I’m the last born of a family of five. I am a native of Ijero Ekiti in Ekiti State. I studied English Language at University of Ado Ekiti (UNAD).

Tell us about your journey into the movie industry?

My journey into the industry can be described in one word, ‘grace’. Before joining the film industry, I have been a model. I have worked with several brands for product activations and more. As an actor, my career started with my role in Yomi Fabiyi’s Agbede Meji. Ever since, it has been a smooth ride to stardom.

Your Onikede role in Yomi Fabiyi’s Agbede Meji could be described as stressful, how were you able to deliver it that well?

It was a major call for me as an up-and-coming actress. I gave it my best, without any form of inhibitions. Courage and grace made me deliver such stellar performance in the movie.

You’re a model and actor, how do you juggle the two?

What works best for me is time management. I have always paid keen attention to the value of time. I know what I want and when to do it. When modeling and film schedules clash; I strike an amicable balance between the two. One has never affected the other.

Which do you find more lucrative, acting or modeling? 

Both are lucrative, honestly. It’s just that acting jobs come more frequent than modeling. But when modeling job comes, one shooting fee can be more than that of 10 movie appearances.

You are so confident in your black skin, how come you don’t feel intimidated by all the ‘yellow pawpaw’ in the industry?

I must tell you, I love the way I look. I am so confident in my blackness – it gives me joy, contentment, and of course; elegance. I have never been under any pressure to bleach my skin. Black (skin) doesn’t crack.

Are you in a serious relationship at the moment?

Yes, I am in a very serious relationship.

Do you wish to talk about it?


Your movie, 07:07 has a fantastic storyline, how did you come about it?

It’s borne out of deep inspiration. More so, I had always wanted to do something for those battling cancer, and how they fight it. It is an unending conversation. Filmmakers need to do more by using their creative avenue to educate the public on the need to show more love to those with terminal illnesses. Together, we can save humanity.

Are you romantically linked to actor Lateef Oladimeji?

The relationship I enjoy with him is professional. Though, he’s a very good friend and also my ‘senior’ in the industry. He is doing great for himself.

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What is the full meaning of Mo’ Bimpe?

‘Mo’ is just a nickname while Bimpe is my real name.

Are you restricted to Yoruba movies only?

No, I have featured in some English movies, some to be released soon. Also, my team and I are working tirelessly on a cinema project, which of course, will be in English.

Have you ever been harassed by any of your fans?


Can you share your most memorable moment with us? 

The first time I saw myself on screen, I was truly happy. I felt fulfilled in a way.

What do you consider your selling point?

My confidence is my selling point. My ability to stand tall amidst confrontation and negative vibes is another one. Competition doesn’t perturb me. My dark skin is another selling point for me. It’s a distinctive feature.

Are your parents in support of your career?

Very well. They have been amazing, wonderful and caring at all levels of my career. What can I do without my wonderful parents?

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself doing greater things for family and humanity at large. I see myself waxing stronger.

Can marriage take you away from the screen?

No, marriage won’t and can’t. I will definitely get married to someone who believes in my hustle and the growth of my career.

How many movies do you have to your credit? 

I have three so far. They are Dear Sister, Entrapped and 07:07 (A Day to Remember).

How controversial can you go for fame?

I can never engage in any controversy for fame. It is a shameful thing to do. Only those who have low self-esteem would choose to formulate controversies to break the Internet.

What should your fans look out for this 2019?

They should look out for more good movies from me. I have a lot in stock for my fans. I am working on another blockbuster movie entitled, Adebimpe Omo Oba, and I bet it’s going to blow their minds.