“It’s my boobs. My boobs make me look sexy. My eyes and dimples are also sexy.”

Nkechi Chima, Abuja

Screen diva Georgina Ibe has been in the industry for over a decade. Having being acting even as a student, she embraced acting full time in 2016 after her graduation. She has since featured in several productions including the popular drama series, ‘Superstory – A Blast From the Past’ and ‘About to Wed’.

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In this interview, the Imo State-born role interpreter talks about her career, her weight loss experience, and how she handles advances from men. Enjoy it.

How long have you been in the industry?

I joined the movie industry in 2006. I attended several auditions, eventually got a role to feature in my first series entitled, ‘The Patriot’ by Chidi Nwokoabia, where I played daughter to Joke Silvia. It was directed by Ernest Obi and Charles Inojie. Thereafter, I played roles in some productions before I went to school in 2008. In 2010, I came back to continue acting during my industrial training where I featured in the popular television series, ‘Superstory – A Blast From the Past’ and ‘About to Wed’. Also, I acted in a flick entitled, ‘God of Shiloh’ produced by Uche Mbunabo and directed by Pascal Amanfo. Then, I left for school to complete my HND and graduated in 2013. My love for acting continued during my youth service in 2014/2015 when I featured in three movies such as ‘Malaysia Money’, ‘The Brotherhood’ and ‘Sinful Soul’. After youth service, I embraced acting full time in 2016. I’m currently in Asaba, Delta State working tirelessly in various sets, as it’s the movie hub in the east.

You have played several romantic roles; do you often feel intimate with your colleague on set?

The body contact is why it is called acting. There is nothing attached to it aside interpreting the roles as it should be depicted.

Are you saying you haven’t fallen in love with any actor on set?

I am a professional to the core. For me, acting is strictly business.

You are a beautiful lady, how do you handle advances from men?

I always get advances from men including actors, but I handle them appropriately (laughter).

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What was your growing up like?

I’m from a family of three; I have an elder sister and a younger brother. I hail from Ngor Okpala, Imo State. My mother is my biggest fan. My father was a disciplinarian and we grew up in a strict home where we were always guided. I appreciate my father for moulding me into the woman I have become. We were trained to be contented and hard working.

Do you have any regret?

I gave up my youthful age for this career, because I love it passionately. I thank God for giving me this talent. So, I have no regret rather I believe God for better days.

What has kept you going all these years?

It’s my passion for the profession. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel; regardless of the challenge, destiny must be fulfilled.

Which of your many challenges affected you negatively?

We face different challenges, but the one that broke my heart was the way I was treated on a movie set after I came back to the country recently. We had arrangements, yet my role was given to another actress. Luckily, I was invited by a respected director to feature in a bigger project, which paid off.

Since you gained recognition as an actress, how have you been coping?

I don’t allow my life on the big screen to control my personal life. I’m extremely jovial, so it helped me live my life without pretence. I can walk into anywhere to buy what I crave for, after all, the people made me who I am. So, why can’t I smile and joke with them when necessary? In fact it’s been love all the way and I pray for continuous success.

Do you have any heartbreaking experience that you would like to share?

I have had several life experiences but the death of my sister, Aunty Jovita made me cry so much. We lived together as a child; she took care of us and nurtured me into the woman I have become. She died when I was writing my HND 1 exams, and that broke me down, because I loved her so much.

What are your plans for the future?

It is to be a household name and household face. And to be able to do movies that would impact peoples lives positively, and to use my talent as a voice to speak against societal ills that people are shying away from.

What part of your body do you consider sexy?

It’s my boobs. My boobs make me look sexy. My eyes and dimples are also sexy.

How do you like your man?

I like dark complexioned man, a bit tall and a little chubby.

What are the qualities you like in a man?

I like a sincere man. Also, my man should be down to earth and loves my job, with great support from him.

You were fat before, how did you manage to lose weight?

I started the journey after I came back from Ghana. I decided to embark on the weight loss journey by staying off carbohydrates and doing more of protein. I engaged in a lot of road works, I run everyday except Sunday. Also, I do aerobics and watch my diet.

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