•Miracles, signs and wonders trail cleric’s recent outing in Jo’burg 

By Gilbert Ekezie

The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, recorded a glorious outing in South Africa recently. He prayed down heavenly treasures on worshipers during a two-day crusade titled “The Wonder Working God.”

The programme, Daily Sun learnt, held at the Old Parliament City Hall in Johannesburg. The venue, which was the signature of the apartheid regime, was built in 1914. But it later became the chamber of South African democracy. Participants from Zimbabwe, Angola, Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana took part in the crusade.

As early as 7am on the day of the event, the venue was already filled to capacity with the participants who had thronged the arena.   

Before the arrival of Muoka, groups of choristers from different countries took turns to render songs of ministration. Each national choir sang in its local language.

No sooner had Muoka come on stage than the Holy Spirit took over and multiple miracles were said to have started happening. The assurance that the wonder-working power of God had come to be in their midst to take away their problems was applauded with loud acclamations of “amen” by the worshipers. Many who were wheeled into the arena as a result of paralysis or other ailments left their wheelchairs and walked unaided.

The first beneficiary of the instant miracle was a young lady from the city of Tshwane in Gauteng Province, who had been confined to a wheelchair for two years following an auto accident, which affected her spinal cord. 

She disclosed that her parents had taken her to all known hospitals in South Africa for treatment, but to no avail, until a friend of her mother informed them about Muoka’s visit.

“When we were told that Pastor Muoka of Nigeria would be visiting for the crusade, we were happy and accepted to attend in the hope that God would deliver me. Luckily, it worked as we anticipated,” she said.

Also, 46-year-old Amogelang Kwadzo, a resident of Johannesburg, and a victim of waist paralysis, was healed.

She said she had been in the wheelchair for nine years and had given up hope of ever walking again: “Immediately Pastor Muoka made the declaration of freedom to all, power suddenly came and lifted me from the wheelchair; I found myself doing what I had not done in nine years.

“In fact, my joy knows no bounds. That was why I walked round the hall to the amazement of the worshipers.”

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Other victims of paralysis brought in wheelchairs and those who came with crutches and walking sticks, were also among the recipients of instant miracles.

Another beneficiary was Lisa, who suffered five years of paralysis as a result of tuberculosis. A man, Elouke, who suffered two years of arthritis was also healed, as well as Alfred Mquoto. Some deaf and dumb men and women had their ears and tongues loosed.

A Nigerian, Ihesia, residing in Johannesburg, admitted to a total turnaround in his life upon the discovery of the Chosen channel on the free-view cable.

On the second day of the crusade, several other miracles reportedly took place. A lady, Toni Kahatjipara, from Namibia testified to her freedom from a moving object inside her body that had tormented her since 2009. Another Nigerian, Ngozi Maxwel, was delivered from ectopic pregnancy.

There was also the healing of a man who had suffered insanity for 34 years. His mother, 53, said the man lost his sanity at 19.

“As soon as Pastor Muoka made the declaration for total deliverance, my son became calm and suddenly started reasoning properly; he began singing along with the congregation, showing that his sanity had been restored,” she said.  

In his message, Muoka assured the crowd that the wonder-working God would meet everyone’s expectations.

“Even if you don’t believe, my belief will prevail over your doubts because God who confirms the word of His messengers will answer with miracles in Jesus’ name.”  

He declared that when God decides to do something in one’s life, nothing can stop Him: “Human beings or demons cannot stop God because He is the most powerful. He is the only one that says a thing and it comes to pass.

“In this programme, the broken heart shall be mended; the blind shall see; the poor shall be made rich and those who are insane shall have their sanity restored. If you are confused in life and have lost hope of getting the blessing of God, as He takes over, you will experience His blessings. If your case is that you don’t have favour, God shall grant you favour.”

The highlight of the second day of the crusade was the confession of 26-year-old Joseph, the only son of his parents, who claimed to have been into wickedness from childhood.

“When I heard the transforming message of Pastor Muoka, my yoke of wickedness broke. I have never heard the gospel in such form,” he confessed.

He continued: “I never attended any church service since my childhood, even when my parents are leaders in the Anglican Church. As it is, I am convinced that the God is a wonder-working God.”