National Coordinator, APGA Media Warriors, Evang. Chinedu Obigwe  has commended wife of the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano for  her courage and boldness in taking the COVID-19 vaccine on live video in order to clear many doubts.

Obigwe who spoke while reacting to the contents of newspaper columnist who criticized Mrs Obiano’s action while in the USA, said the writer labored in vain to give Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano (Osodieme) a bad name.

He said the author of the malicious piece knows nothing about the personality called Osodieme who is the undisputed “Mother Theresa of Anambra State”

He described Mrs Obiano as a First Lady whose heart overflows with milk of kindness noting that blackmailing her is like pouring water on a stone.

He said that rather than criticizing Mrs Obiano’s actions, she deserves commendation rather for going a long way to correct the erroneous impression that the vaccine is not safe for people through the live video.

Obigwe recalled all the numerous intervention which the Anambra First Lady has done in the state to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic including her visitation to the entire 21 local government areas sharing palliatives.

He cautioned people to  stop politicising actions that have no political undertone noting that since the creation of Anambra State, no Governor’s wife in the past had ever done what Obiano’s wife has been doing positively in the state.

He said: “With what I know about Osodieme and what many out there that is close to she knows about her, she is worthy of emulation as a  First Lady. I say this because Osodieme is not a pretender and not the type that brags as the author of the referred piece erroneously wanted people to believe. I have never seen somebody that is straightforward and upright like Osodieme. Her yes is yes and her no is no.

“Osodieme is a character that does things for genuine reasons and not the show -off type as was erroneously insinuated by the author of the blackmail piece that necessitated this reply.

“To start with, Osodieme and her family are resident in US before God dragged her husband home to do missionary work for ndi Anambra.
As Governor Obiano is doing his missionary work for ndi Anambra, Osodieme as his divine protective armour is doing a lot to compliment his efforts.

“When Coronavirus pandemic started ravaging the whole World, Osodieme was in Anambra.  She did a lot to help ndi Anambra cushion the effects of the pandemic in the State. As a caring mother, she toured the 21 LGA of Anambra State to provide palliatives for ndi Anambra.  She remembered both the physically challenged because of her love for them.

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“When Covid19 vaccine was introduced, Osodieme was still in Nigeria. The introduction of the Covid19 vaccine generated a lot of negative news report about the vaccine. All over the social and print media, people are reading negative stories about the Covid19 vaccine. The negative stories about the Covid19 vaccine gave people the impression that the vaccine is dangerous to human health.

“Fortunately, Osodieme travelled to US and was opportuned to take the Covid19 vaccine and she thought it wise to do it on a live video.
When I saw the video trending on the internet, I said to myself that the singular reason why she decided to take the Covid19 vaccine on a live video was to correct the erroneous impression that the vaccine is not safe for people.

“She succeeded in doing that because people like me and many others now know that the Covid19 vaccine is safe. Sonala Olumhense was wrong for saying that Osodieme smuggled herself to US to steal the Covid19 vaccine because her daughter is a Doctor in US. If Osodieme stole the Covid19 vaccine in America, she will not take the vaccine on a live video.
America is where Osodieme resides and she is free to visit America any time she wants.

“The truth is that Osodieme’s good intention and purpose of taking the Covid19 vaccine on a live video is being misinterpreted by childish blackmailers. She did that for people to know that the vaccine is safe for them and that they should not be afraid to take it when it gets to Nigeria.

“Her purpose of taking that Covid19 vaccine on a live video was truly achieved because since after that her well circulated video, mischievous elements stopped circulating negative stories and videos about the Covid19 vaccine on the Internet and even if you see any, you will use Osodieme video to counter it.

“Osodieme boldness and courage to take that Covid19 vaccine on a live video is commendable.  As for those that want to use the live video to create the wrong impression that she only cares for herself and his husband, I will say that they know nothing about the undisputed Anambra Mother Theresa.
Since the history of Anambra State creation, no first lady has been caring for ndi Anambra like Osodieme.

“The answer Osodieme gave the person that conducted the live video interview when she took the Covid19 vaccine is what mischievous elements want to use to score cheap political points, but people that know her very well will not waste time to tell whomever that cares to listen that she was herself in that video.  She is not a woman that pretends and she finds it difficult to paint words. If it were to be some politicians they will tell lies to give people false hope but that is the last thing Osodieme will do.

“She did not mince words in saying that Federal government of Nigeria is already negotiating with Pfizer pharmaceutical company to make the Covid19 vaccine available for Nigerians and that when the vaccine gets to Nigeria, it will be made available for Ndi Anambra.  As for getting one of the vaccines for her husband, there is nothing wrong with that because she resided in US with him before God dragged Obiano down to Anambra for a missionary work in our beloved State.

“What people expected Osodieme to do is the normal thing others are doing and that is telling lies. I also commend Osodieme for not being economical with the truth in that video interview.  Osodieme is not a character that politicise things that are not supposed to be politicised.

“Her main target for taking the Covid19 vaccine on a live video is to take away the fear people are having about the vaccine. Let’s not forget that the wrong impression created in the minds of people is that if you take the Covid19 vaccine that you will die or you will start behaving abnormal.

“Those wrong impressions have been corrected, courtesy of Osodieme’s commendable decision to take the Covid19 vaccine on a live video.
I will continue saying that everything is not politics and people should stop politicising things that are not supposed to be politicised.
Thumbs up to Osodieme for making people to know that the Covid19 vaccine is safe for them and not dangerous to their health”

*I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru) National Coordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.*

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