Daniel Kanu

The cattle breeders’ umbrella body, Miyetti Allah, has been warned to perish any intentions of having a security outfit in the Niger Delta. 

They have also been cautioned to perish any idea of thinking that they can lord it over to people of the region in their domination agenda.

This warning is contained through a media statement released today, Thursday, March 19, by the coalition of civil society organisations the United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy (UNDEDSS), signed by its Secretary-General, Tony Uranta.

UNDEDSS, was reacting to news that Miyetti Allah intends to launch a nationwide security outfit.

UNDEDSS states, unequivocally, that Niger Deltans are determined to resist any intrusion into the region by any nationwide security outfits other than those constitutionally-recognised bodies of the Federal Government of Nigeria, such as the Nigeria Police, the Nigeria Military etc. It said any such intrusion will be seen as a security breach, and dealt with accordingly.

Part of the statement reads: “If uninvited intruders force their presence on your homestead, homeland etc., you have every right to protect yourself against them any way that you can and the law of the land backs you as per this absolute right.

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“We want to believe that our Fulani herdsmen brethren have been misquoted or even are victims of fake news. But, we want every Nigerian to be very clear about one thing: which is that the Niger Delta will defend its territory against all invaders threatening the hard-earned relative peace and stability in the region.

“If it is true that Miyetti Allah did make such a threat, we the peoples of the Niger Delta see it as hate speech threatening national security, and are dissatisfied with the putative unconcern exhibited by the FGN concerning the security of non-Fulani citizens of Nigeria, especially in a period when we have virtually been told, falsely, that all Fulani worldwide belong to Nigeria.

“Other Nigerians may buy into the taqqiya narrative, but the peoples of the Niger Delta know that they are not an enslaved people, and remain part of Nigeria solely as equal partners in this union.”

UNDEDSS also demanded that the Federal Government clamps down hard on all hate speech proponents, whilst reminding President Muhammadu Buhari that he is the president of Nigeria, not the president of any one ethnic group or clan!

The group declared that it will seek very urgent audience with President Buhari for reassurance, in very clear terms, that all Niger Deltans will not be subjected to any security threats from within or outside Nigeria.

“We are Nigerians, but we will remain so only if justice, equity and fair play are guaranteed all Nigerian citizens, and even then, only if we are reassured that Nigeria’s citizenship, like that of every other country, is not available to all and sundry,” the release noted.