There are certain traits that can help a person achieve success, and resilience is one of the most crucial of them. If you give up easily, you will never know what you could have achieved by pushing a little harder. As proven by Michael Bievetski, resilience is the stepping stone for success.

Michael Bievetski was born in Moscow and raised in Germany. Despite not knowing a word of German and having little money at the beginning, it didn’t deter Bievetski from pursuing his dreams. He always had a vision of becoming successful and living a luxurious lifestyle. Although he started from the bottom and felt like giving up multiple times due to failures, he didn’t stop and remained incredibly resilient. Bievetski states that resilience is the best trait to have as an aspiring entrepreneur, especially if you want to become successful.

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Michael Bievetski acknowledges only a few people can achieve great entrepreneurial success. Thus, he took advantage of his most redeeming trait and leveraged it as a stepping stone for his success. Starting from scratch, not once but multiple times, Bievetski understands what it feels like to fail and think it’s the end of the road. Yet, he never gave in and kept going until he reached his dream. Now, Bievetski is a consultant, investor and has an incredible network within many industries.

Today, Michael Bievetski uses his experience and knowledge to inspire people, both through his company and his social media. His number one advice for youngsters is never to give up and enjoy the process until they reach their success. If you give up, you will never know what you could have achieved. However, a little resilience and small steps go a long way in helping a person achieve what they set out for.