Alison Cole Chiori was born in Northern Nigeria, Adamawa state to be precise, into a family of seven boys, being the seventh. Amidst the backdrop of the recurring religious conflict in Yola, he sought refuge in storytelling, utilising words to navigate the complexities of his environment.


Following his studies at the University of Buckingham, he moved to London. Here, he channeled his experiences and dreams into his writing.


He has a BA in English Literature with Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Novel-to-Film-Adaptation. Alison blends academic knowledge with innate storytelling prowess to create what he classifies as timeless pieces.


With two published poetry books and a couple of screenplays to his credit, his writing transcends mere storytelling; it intertwines the strands of reality and imagination. He believes in the philosophy of freedom, this is mirrored in his decision to write most of his poems in free verse with prosaic qualities.

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His passion for daring love poems and thought-provoking concepts permeates his work, inviting readers to explore the depths of their emotions and ideas. Alison’s creativity doesn’t end with writing, he is a film maker and a fashion designer set to launch his Y2K street style designs in the nearest future.


For the past three years, he has immersed himself in London’s creative atmosphere, crafting stories that challenge conventions and provoke introspection. His journey from Nigeria to London mirrors the universal human quest for expression and understanding.


Through his writing, he endeavours to leave a heartfelt imprint on readers, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of storytelling.