When voices unite in African gospel music, a divine energy surges through the melodies, transcending language and borders, spreading love and hope to all who listen.

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Elshaddai Music is introducing their talented roster of artists to the world. These new kids on the block are poised to captivate audiences globally, bringing fresh energy and unparalleled talent to the music scene as they deliver the pure gospel of Christ through their sounds.
Committed to nurturing the next generation of superstars, Elshaddai Music has handpicked a group of young and talented individuals who are destined for greatness. Each artist possesses a unique set of skills, personalities, and artistic visions, creating an electrifying mix that promises to excite fans from all walks of life.
Whether it is a singer with an angelic voice capable of stirring deep emotions, a performer who commands the stage with unmatched charisma, or a gifted songwriter who weaves captivating stories through their lyrics, Elshaddai Music’s artists are ready to make their mark.
With a diverse range of musical styles and influences, Moses Onoja, Isaiah Anthony, Wiseone Joe, Jeda and Timothy Joseph Onoja are bringing a spectacular experience of gospel music.
Elshaddai Music is also the music ministry arm of Elshaddai Church.
This diverse and talented group of artists have swept audiences off their feet with powerful. Songs and albums like “The Lion And The Lamb” and “Upper Room”. Recently Elshaddai Music released a hit song titled “Never Let Go” and it has received massive love from fans globally.