Dee Utensils is a leading designer and seller of high-quality kitchenware, specialising in luxury items for the home. From cookware to cutlery, Dee Utensils has a wide range of products to suit any need.

With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Dee Utensils’ products are designed to last a lifetime. The company’s commitment to excellence has made it a leader in the luxury kitchenware market, and its products can be found in homes and kitchens across the globe.

Located in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Dee Utensils has four branches (Kokkies Mall, Ground Floor Ademola Adetokumbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Nitel Junction Abuja) in the city with an online website and social media handles on Instagram (Deeutensils) and Facebook (DEE Utensils) where customers can order anywhere across the world.

Founded by Lois Andrew Ihwo, who has always been interested in the art of cooking, she saw a need for high-quality kitchenware that would stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

With her own background in cooking, Ihwo was able to bring a unique perspective to the design and manufacture of kitchenware.

Ihwo is involved in every aspect of the business, from product design to marketing and customer service.

Speaking with our correspondent on Friday, the Dee Utensils boss said she traveled across the globe to get unique designs for her customers.

She added that Dee Utensils partnered with international companies producing kitchenware to get unique and luxurious designs for its customers across the world.

On her vision, Ihwo noted, “I have a very big vision for this business and I know that very soon, it is coming to pass because right now we are working on a massive project and we are also working on opening another branch abroad. I know that the business is going to be exclusive and good.

“We are partnering with a lot of vendors and companies because we need people to succeed. Our partnership keeps the business moving.

“I have an inventory team and we make sure everything is in stock. We have records of everything, both things going out and coming in.

“We partner with a lot of logistics companies because delivery in Nigeria is within 24 hours, so, we try to ensure that anybody who buys receives his or her products.

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“Delivery outside Nigeria is four to five working days. Whatever you buy is what we are sending. We send exactly what the customer buys.”

She added that the company partnered with international companies producing utensils to get unique and luxurious designs for its customers across the world.

Ihwo said Dee Utensils has partnership agreements with factories producing utensils in the United Kindom, Germany, Turkey, the United States, China, and India, among other international countries.

While boasting that items bought at Dee Utensils are luxury with high quality and value, Ihwo said she traveled across the globe to get unique designs for her customers.

She added, “I traveled a lot. Most of our goods factory supply us from Turkey, Germany, the US, the UK, China, Dubai, and India, among other countries. We have connections with most of these factories and we go as far as producing our own products, and our own designs because the passion I have for this business is really high.

“I buy directly from the factory, I don’t buy from other suppliers. We do wholesale too, so, I don’t buy from anyhow person, but directly from the factories. They produce what I want, I give them the quality of what I want and that is what they give me. I am 100 per cent sure of what we sell.

“We have a lot of reviews from our customers at home and abroad because we deliver across countries. Our products are very genuine and the quality is amazing.

“We have a high rate of high-earned clients because we have luxury kitchen utensils. We sell the luxury ones, we don’t sell the common utensils you see in the market.

“We keep the standard, we don’t drop the standard no matter the dollar rate, people know the value, that is why they keep buying from us and we are still keeping the standard.”

Ihwo explained that Dee Utensils partnered with different logistics across Nigeria to ensure smooth delivery of items purchased by customers at their designated addresses.

She added that the company also delivers luxury utensils to different countries across the world within five to seven working days.