Popular Norway-based emcee, “MC Charlene”, better known as Energy Goddess has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Wunmi, the widow of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, and the father of the deceased, Joseph Aloba.

Since the sad passing of the singer, there have been calls by Mohbad’s father, and some concerned Nigerians for a DNA test to be conducted on the late singer’s son, Liam, to ascertain his true paternity.

Wunmi had previously said she was open for a DNA test on her son, demanding that it should be conducted both in Nigeritond abroad.

However, in a recent series of Instagram posts on Saturday, Mohbad’s widow cried out for help, claiming that she and Liam were being threatened. She also asked Joseph Aloba to get a court order for the DNA test of her son Liam.

Reacting to all the dramas online, MC Charlene said it’s disheartening to see the anguish Mohbad’s widow is passing through over a DNA test. 

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She said: “It’s truly disheartening to witness the anguish of Mohbad’s widow over the DNA controversy. What’s even more distressing is the relentless harassment she and her son are enduring from strangers who previously showed no concern for Mohbad, his wife, or their son.

VDM (Very Dark Man) allegedly initiated this DNA speculation, seizing an opportunity for popularity gain, while the father-in-law allegedly saw it as a chance to exploit the situation for financial benefit. The fact that numerous Nigerians are now bullying this grieving woman is profoundly troubling. It’s incomprehensible how strangers feel entitled to demand a DNA test from a widow simply because it became a trending topic online. 

This behaviour is not just sickening but also has become into negative stereotype about behaviour. Amidst all the pressing issues facing Africa and Nigeria today, it’s appalling that some choose to channel their energy into such trivial matters. Ask yourself how would you feel if this happened to you!”

MC Charlene added, “Why should a woman, who knows the paternity of her child, be coerced into paying for a DNA test? It’s worth noting that Mohbad’s entire family supports her, except for the greedy father-in-law. If he insists on a DNA test, let him seek legal recourse and bear the costs himself. Enough with the harassment directed at this woman – she is someone’s daughter, and these strangers have no right to intrude on her grief. 

To the men and women contributing to this woman’s pain. Women, may you never have to experience this ordeal. And men, pray that this does not happen to your widow and son. VDM must be held accountable for instigating this chaos. After all, he’s the one preaching against sentimentality, yet fails to provide evidence to back his claims. Let’s heed his advice and demand proof before passing judgment. Enough is enough.”