From Jude Chinedu, Enugu

The Mburubu community in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State finds itself at a crossroads as internal dissent threatens to undermine the recently elected Igwe, Chief Patrick Onuokaibe.

Under the umbrella of Nzuko Ndi Ozo Mburubu, the community members have issued a resounding reaffirmation of their support for Chief Onuokaibe, accusing dissenters of pursuing personal gains over the community’s welfare.

In a press release jointly signed by National Chairman Chief Chinedu Ezechukwu and National Secretary Comrade Chukwudi Sylvanus, the group declared that any person opposing Chief Onuokaibe’s nomination does so for self-interest, not the community’s well-being.

The statement singled out Prince Oz Ezeh as the main detractor, alleging that he aims to turn the community into his personal fiefdom.

The Mburubu Nzuko Ndi Ozo categorically rejected a recent communiqué by the self-proclaimed Mburubu Council of Chiefs disowning Chief Patrick Onuokaibe as the Igwe-elect.

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According to them, “Chief Onuokaibe’s nomination resulted from a unanimous decision by community leaders and enjoys broad endorsement.”

“Despite the overwhelming support from Mburubu leaders, Prince Oz Ezeh remains an outlier, driven by personal motives that do not align with the community’s best interests.”

The Nzuko Ndi Ozo condemned Ezeh’s alleged attempt to monopolize leadership for personal gain, asserting that Mburubu cannot be a pawn in his personal disputes.

The group reiterated the community’s firm decision in choosing Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as their ìgwè and denounced any attempts to undermine this choice.

Thus, dismissing the claims of the Mburubu Council of Chiefs as lacking merit, the Nzuko Ndi Ozo asserted their integral role in the community’s decision-making process.

They called Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe to disregard the assertions made by the Mburubu Council of Chiefs, affirming the legitimacy of the Mburubu General Assembly in presenting an Igwe-elect.