Sudanese investigators have found a mass grave believed to contain 28 bodies of soldiers executed by officers of former autocrat Omar al-Bashir, the attorney general said on Friday.

The 28 men were executed for allegedly planning to overthrow al-Bashir in 1990, a year after he himself had taken power during a military coup.

According to the attorney general’s statement, a team of 23 investigators acting on behalf of the public prosecutor had searched for the mass grave for a period of three weeks.

The findings will form part of evidence gathered for an impending trial against al-Bashir for leading the 1989 military coup against democratically elected Prime Minister Sadek al-Mahdi.

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The 76-year-old, who was ousted in 2019 after months of street protests and mass sit-ins after 31 years in power, is facing charges of undermining the constitution, violating the Armed Forces Act and rebellion.

Al-Bashir was convicted in late 2019 on corruption charges, however was never tried for alleged crimes against humanity committed under his iron fist rule.

The volatile nation in the Horn of Africa is currently run by a transitional government made up of military and civilian personnel. (dpa/NAN)