By Khalid Imam

At Biu, I observed Eid Fitr

A land of dignified men

People who honoured guests

With hospitality and humility.

I prayed at the spacious Eid ground

Celebrating the Eid Fitr with the Emir

And the Deputy Governor of Borno

At home for the colourful festivities.

Biu people played good hosts

They flooded to pay homage

Jubilant women, men, and children

All rejoiced heartedly with their owns.

Everyone was looking so thrilled

The Emir and all his District Heads

Rode on horses through the city,

Voices of enchanting drums entertained all.

Biu is an awesome city blessed

A wonderful town on the hilltop

A mountain tree lives so long

So does the treasures in her.

I was astonished in Biu

With rich historical heritages

A culture so uniquely gorgeous

Great source of admiration and pride.

What a tradition explaining its history

Displaying its uniqueness

Biu’s greatness and endurance

Were in display during the Eid festival

I was in Biu to strengthen brotherhood

To greet Bukar Usmanu’s relatives

Bukar, a man with heart of gold

A true whetstone he is to me always.

A river is known for her generosity,

So does a tree is usually hospitable

Their kindness knows no bounds,

A river supplies us water and fish.

A tree freely offers us fruits

And smoothing shades for rest

Bukar is both a river and a tree

Hospitality is paramount to him.

Bukar has a generous heart

He built a community bank

For his town to transform

And the poor to financially thrive.

Loans for business and farming

Made available for all to benefit

Dozens of boreholes he sunk in Biu

To drive away thirst completely.

Making life a honey

Not hellish is his ways always

Only one who loves his kinsmen

Invest in their future and prosperity.

Genuine brotherhood l witnessed

No one is discriminated in the city

Unity is their bond and strength

Biu is truly a food basket.

To build a brighter future,

Bukar offers scholarship support

Good seeds and fertilizers

To dozens of kith and kins.

Bukar plants smile in many faces

Caring for countless patients

Offering free medical care

With love and affection.

I visited the great King

Emir of Biu, a fearless warrior

Lion that rules with humility

A King without a match.

Emir of Biu is well honoured

Always commanding warm respect

His trademark as Khalid witnessed

Is bestowing honour to the honoured

The King is an oasis in the desert

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A very warm and hospitable

His friendly smile is uncommon

Like a wide field of briming cotton

I have enjoyed the warm friendship

Of elder Sale, Bukar’s childhood friend

He was an affable elder

So jovial and illuminating he was.

Sale welcomed every guest with love,

Emulating the noblest Prophet Aminu

His was a way of welcoming guests with red carpet

I praise the Prophet, loving hubby to Hafsa.

If wishes were horses

I will love to migrate to Biu

To join the group of farmers

Wealth is there in irrigation farming.

No doubt, if l have a choice,

To Biu l would move my family

To breed fatty cows and healthy goats

And to be coming serious chicken farmer.

In Biu l met a patriotic Nigerian

Mr. Nigeria loved our country dearly

He adorns all his belongings

Homes, cars in national colours.

Everything he wears

Are in green white green colours

His rich pairs of shoes

His remarkable cap too not excluded.

Biu town is a university

One learns so much there

Tilla Lake is a historic

And an amazing site to visit.

At the lake fascinating site

One is greeted with plentiful wonders

There, crocodiles merrily live

And fish enjoys the beauty of nature.

Biu becomes a thriving land,

A heart of industriousness,

Schools and universities

Are everywhere in Biu.

The Nigerian Army University

Is vigilantly housed in Biu

Biu is blessed with large virgin lands

And an ancient royalty so astonishing.

Biu citizens are truly patriotic

Developing their home land is first

I witnessed this firsthand

Crisscrossing its streets and alleys.

All roads are solar powered,

Biu is now a glowing sunbeam

No potholes in Biu roads

In leadership, they have stars.

They are electing good politicians,

Not thieving traitors to represent them

They are voting wisely

To elect their very best.

In every corner of Biu,

Development sprouts abundantly,

Thanks to Hon. Muktar Betara,

A worthy member at the House of Representatives

He dutifully serves Biu Emirate

Winning the respect of all

We want more like him

To free the North from underdevelopment.

Salute to all Biu citizens

I salute Burutai, the fearless General

Blessed is Biu with skilled men

Excelling in all professions.

My visit to Biu ended here

But a rewarding experience it was indeed

Khalid l was there in flesh and blood

Imam was indeed at home there.


Khalid Imam, a poet, education administrator and a freelance researcher based in Kano, wrote this poem initially in Hausa and translated into English following his first visit to Biu, Borno State .

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