Accomplished businesswoman, Mrs. Dorcas Oluwafunmilola Bakare, is over the moon. She’s privileged to have hit the milestone age of 80, even though her ageless traits and energy do not suggest she’s been around for eight decades. Beyond the celebration of numbers, the Ilara Mokin, Ondo State-born widow of prominent and successful businessman, late Alhaji Tijani Bakare, is relishing and celebrating grace, fulfillment, and favor. While feeling so blessed and fulfilled as she turns 80, the new Octogenarian takes an assessment of her journey, Mama recognizes that the labour of her youthful days has all turned gold, particularly her children, who have equally all turned out to be admirable and successful in their various endeavours.

Setting out in life, Mama did not only get her priorities right by setting her goals; she was lucky to have come from a background where she was well brought up, so embarking on the journey of life, she was armed with qualities that were helpful to her course. She was imbued with the virtues of hard work, honesty, and dedication to whatever she found herself engaged in. At the time she was due to go into matrimony, Mama was fortunate to have found a man of her dreams with whom she entered this phase of life. She was smart enough to discern that her offspring would be her best legacy; therefore, she spent her youthful age training and moulding her children accordingly.  As a dutiful wife and mother, she equally contributed immensely to the success of her husband’s business empire.

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While Mama Bakare has since become a model and institution whom younger women fashion their lives after, it’s worthy to note that being able to unlock the grace and favour in her destiny is not unconnected with her ability to hold so tightly to her prayers as an ardent follower of Christ. To make Madam Bakare a memorable one, her children and grandchildren are pulling all the stops to host a grand private bash in her honour in Lagos.