Women in the German capital, Berlin, may now take off their tops and bra while, according to the authorities of that city. The decision for women to go topless while swimming was reached following a discrimination complaint, according to a report published in Sky News. The decision was made after the complainant, whose identity remains private, turned to the senate’s ombudsperson’s office for equal treatment to demand the same rights as their male counterparts when it comes to going topless in Berlin’s public swimming pools. In reaction to the complaint and the ombudsperson’s involvement in the case, the Berliner Baederbetriebe, which runs the city’s public pools, decided to change its rules for swimming attire. Doris Liebscher, the head of the ombudsperson’s office, said they “very much welcomed the decision” of the Baederbetriebe.

“It establishes equal rights for all Berliners, whether male, female or non-binary, and because it also creates legal certainty for the staff,” she said. In the past, women who wanted to swim topless at Berlin pools were asked to cover themselves or to leave the pool, and were sometimes given a permanent ban from the establishment. “Now it is important that the regulation is applied consistently and that no more expulsions or house bans are issued,” Ms Liebscher added.

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The date the change will be brought in is unconfirmed.